Photographs by Orson Adams


We should all be concerned and indignant about the disregard for human life, not only in Ferguson, but all around the world. 

We should all be concerned and indignant that without the on-going protests the majority of the population will not care.

We should all be concerned and indignant that this has become an all too common situation.

We should all be concerned and indignant that this is still happening in 2014.



President Obama addresses the riots in Ferguson Mo after Iraq.

America is abroad freeing another land from terrorist and terrorism while on our own soil unarmed African Americans are being shot dead in the streets and terrorized in their own homes and neighborhoods in Ferguson Mo four days after the fact. Wow. 

We won’t put combat soldiers on the ground in Iraq but we have police on the ground pointing guns at black women and men in Ferguson. racism is so entrenched into the very fabric of this country how do we define ourselves as United?

What I observed the last few days convinced me America race relations has only gotten worst. As long as Black women were being ruffed up and black men were being shot dead there was little  mainstream media attention. African Americans took to social media and got the attention of the world. Before that, the 18 year old black boy who laid dead in the street was just another faceless gang banger.  

Even with that being said as soon as a white reporter gets pushed around, well that was a game changer and America started listening and responding. Our pain, our suffering means nothing like during “Katrina” the Calvary only arrives after we have suffered immeasurable.

Those brothers who stood toe to toe with loaded guns pointed at their heads aren’t thugs, looters, opportunist their warriors. They had every right to be full of rage after all they have been profiled, victimized and racially profiled by a racist occupying army (3 black officers out of 55 ) SMH. I applaud their bravery and velour, they kept the fire burning long after the big shot civil right activist and preachers rolled in on their gold plated chariots and told them to vacate the stage. They deserve a purple heart for bravery. 




by David Kamerov

me! by David Kamerov. Peace. Happy Saturday. Love

from “A series of Unfortunate Events" Brooklyn Ny.

from A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Brooklyn NY, 2014.

untitled by Barry Talis on Flickr.

Take an ordinary moment an lift it towards the sky. Another good photograph by Barry Talis (flickr). To paraphrase Garry Winogrand ..job as a street photographer is taking an ordinary moment and dramatizing it.

untitled by Barry Talis on Flickr.

This guy makes me wanna stop shooting street his books ( all of them..when he gets around to publishing them) and live vicariously through the images .. my goodness!!

from “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

A plan to carry sun through windows

meets the black heart. 

Upon leaving, the day morns

and the flowers wither - Orson Adams 


Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

Stefan Bleekrode's work can best be described as everyday snapshots, small bits of beauty in familiar settings. Most of his paintings are set in the everyday (sub)urban settings of North America (particularly the Northeast) and London.  Light is the one single thing many of his paintings revolve about, in the absence of daylight, the intricate patterns of artificial light in deserted streets at night.


Latest Photography by Oleg Oprisco

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From “A series of Unfortunate Events”.

NEw York City, 2014 

From “A series of Unfortunate Events”.

NEw York City, 2014 

From ” A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

Coney Island, Brooklyn Ny,2014


Adam Simpson, English illustrator.

This is “Boundary Hotel Elevator”. A commission to produce an artwork to appear floor to ceiling, all 4 sides of the elevator vestibule at the new ‘Boundary Hotel’ situated on Boundary Street in London. The artwork was devised around a grid of boundary walls. Each walled segment is about 170mm square. The idea behind producing such a detailed artwork was that each journey in the elevator would give the visitor a chance to study a new scene in the artwork. A geometric toile de jouy of sorts. The conversion of the Victorian warehouse building on Boundary Street, into a boutique hotel, was a joint venture between Sir Terence Conran, Lady Conran and Peter Prescott & Partners. The hotel opened in January 2009.

(Text from ADC Young Guns).

quite good! I love the detail in the “zoom” pieces. interesting spacing, i can image these being wonderful street images of the bresson days.

New York City, 2014