Photographs by Orson Adams

Once Again In America  - A New Yorker’s Summer II- China Town Edition.

Did you check out part I? Here have a look A New Yorker’s Summer 

Thats my buddy David in the last two exposures. Damn, we ran around Manhattan this last summer from ..UES to the upper west side, Alphabet City, Midtown. Day and Night ..long exposures ..rapid bursts ..whatever. Running into cops, broken down street signs, semi-removed and observant, Bit Coin dealers, Heroin addicts. We drank and shot and laughed and shot some more. Our cameras captured URBAN. Him Canon, me NIkon. 

I remember riding around with my tripod in a bag on my back. Like 7lbs of Manfrotto  055xProB. Cycling to Astoria from Flatbush to shoot in the A park. I shot my first roll of film in the summer, out there in the Queens town, 125 ilford on a pentax K1000. I have yet to process that, its marinating haha. I went on to shoot the 400 tmax  as well. Love for the game, baby. Great days.